What’s Happening Now – Summer 2010

What’s Happening Now – Summer 2010

The winter rains have brought a great green-up in the desert this Spring. This fact, along with the number of carryover birds (primarily Gambel’s) makes this season coming up one you won’t want to miss — it should be above average. There’s not much more to report about that — just looking forward to the type of bird season Arizona hasn’t had for awhile.

There are a couple topics, however, that would be interesting to get some hunters’ feedback on. It has to do with changing the dates for quail and the limit on Gambel’s. Regarding quail season dates, what about changing the season to open the first part of November rather than October, and then extending the season to the end of February or at least through the 3rd week of February. The reasons?

1. It’s still too hot in October – for dogs and hunters.
2. In some years, there are still too many half-grown quail in October.
3. Rattlesnake encounters would decrease by November.
4. Lastly, February is just a great time of year to be on the desert. December and January are usually rainy, so by the time February rolls around, we could (in some years) start to see a little of that beautiful green-up when makes the desert a spectacular place to hunt.

Regarding the limit change, if there’s an 8 bird limit on Mearns’, why not reduce the Gambel’s limit to 8 a day as well. So, with Scaled, Gambel’s and Mearns’ all at an 8 bird a day limit, there would be a 4 day possession limit of 32 quail.

Send your opinion to [email protected] Thank you.

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