What’s Happening Now – September 2013

What’s Happening Now – September 2013

The 2013-2014 Arizona Quail season that is right around the corner is shaping up to be better than the last two years – which isn’t saying much – but in some areas, hatches occurred in April and were still occurring in August with very young birds being seen as late as mid-August. A few of the individuals I’ve talked to have recorded good, full-size coveys as of this writing.

The unusual summer rains have been abundant in most areas and the timing of the rains for a good hatch has been pretty good. That’s not the case in all areas, but generally the timing has been good, and is especially true with Mearns’ quail. We hopefully will be seeing Mearns’ quail back to an average season which means being able to find several full-size coveys through the day.

One exception to what has occurred in the way of a hatch is the western part of the state which hasn’t fared as well as the central, southern, and southeast areas. However, a bright point is the Region III area where there was a good number of carryover birds at the end of the season and the rainfall in that area has been favorable – a combination that should be beneficial for this upcoming season.

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