What’s Happening Now-Season Opener Oct 18 2019

What’s Happening Now-Season Opener Oct 18 2019

What’s Happening Now-Season Opener Oct 18 2019

As far as good news goes here it is…………….the Winter and Spring rains were abnormally wet. In fact, as you see below, we where drought free by June 1st!

Arizona has gained a lot of popularity for the great Mearns quail hunts the last 4 years even with the past few years having diminished numbers for some hunters. But there are still plenty of pockets of Mearns to hunt. Maybe they have learned to run like scaled quail. If that’s the case boy are we in trouble 😉

The good news is Gambels quail – the bird that covers most of the state. In the last few years a lot of people have given up on getting  serious about exploring and finding new coveys. Perhaps this will be the beginning of the Gambels quail comeback.



Arizona finished out our “nonsoon” season with a massive rainfall the last week of September. The overall Monsoon season ended with below average numbers which lead the Arizona weathermen to come up with that moniker. That late season storm dropped 2-4 inches over much of Arizona which at least ended the season on a high note. Interestingly, this “nonsoon” was preceded by above average rainfall over the winter and spring months as seen above.

So what does that mean for us? Likely desert birds will be lots of fun this year so get ready to hike! We expect to see below average Mearns quail this year as well. It will be interesting to see how quail move back in to areas previously void of quail from one and two years ago.

As the Gambels season opener approaches, we recommend getting your safety gear in order. Get Your Dog Snake broke! A comb tops the list of the top items to keep in your hunting vest. It works great for flicking off cactus of your dog or you! They sell fully stocked kits meant for dogs and for people at places like Cabela’s and Sportsman’s warehouse.

Good Luck And Good Hunting





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