What’s Happening Now – October/November 2011

What’s Happening Now – October/November 2011

Well, here we are, 3 weeks into the 2011 -2012 quail season – one little cool spell for a couple days, but for the most part, the desert has seen 90-100 degree heat. This means 3 weeks of good productive quail hunting opportunities have been lost. Let’s all continue to work for a change to a later opening date and a later closing date.

Regarding the quail hatch, most of the bird hunters that I know, and have spoken with, are doing relatively poor. However, summer rains in the southeast corner of the state have been good, and there could be some average Scaled and Gambel’s hunting there. The entire Verde River basin has always had a fair quail population, and I’m also hearing some fair reports coming out of Region III (Kingman area). However, once the weather begins to cool off enough to hunt quail, my primary focus would be the Verde basin or southeast corner of the state.

Plans are to know a lot more within the next three weeks and will post another update then. Check out the video “A Day on an Arizona Quail Hunt” that was put up on the website within the last couple weeks. https://azquailtoday.com/category/quail-video/


Until we can get our Weather/Precipitation information more detailed and current on the website, here is some general data gathered via www.rainlog.org:

October 2010 – March 2011:
South-central part of Arizona (Amado to Tombstone): less than 4 inches
Gila Valley area (Safford, Clifton, Thatcher): less than 3 inches
**Verde River basin: 8.4 inches (most favorable for a Gambel’s quail hatch)
Congress/Wickenburg area: 1.93 inches
**Hackberry area in northern AZ: 9.01 inches (favorable for Gambel’s quail hatch)
**Couple locations in the Cerbats: 9 – 10 inches (favorable for Gambel’s quail hatch)

July, August & September, 2011:
**Most of the southeast corner of the state is favorable for a late Scaled quail hatch or
Mearns quail hatch.

Majority of area south of Wilcox: 9 – 11 inches
Between Tubac and Douglas: 8+ inches with some areas as much as 12 inches

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