What’s Happening Now – October 2013

What’s Happening Now – October 2013

Nearly three weeks since the quail season opened, and just now able to update everyone. It can take a while to get an accurate indication of what’s going on around the state as these reports are not just about me and what I find – they are coming in from various bird hunters around the state of Arizona. So far the information that I have received has been that it is, generally speaking, a better season than the last two years and a hatch did occur throughout most of the Gambel’s quail country. Most hunters are reporting that about 5 birds out of 10 are birds of the year. Some areas, of course, are less and some more. The cover in most areas is fantastic. The reports that have come through this website stating this is a better year have been coming primarily from the central part of the state and also from a few areas between Tucson and Phoenix. There have been some pretty good reports coming out of the country east of Prescott Valley as well as from the country south of Wickieup. So far the general consensus on Mearns’ quail is that the season looks to be somewhat better than the last two years as well.

We are still working on a rainfall map – hopes are we’ll have something put together on that very soon. The idea is a color map showing rainfall amounts around the state.

Also just got back from the White Mountains with a new shipment of the 2nd generation Q5 Upland Bird Vest. Stay tuned for pictures and ordering information very soon. I also want you bird hunters to know that your input via this website regarding bird numbers that you see is welcome and very useful. Though again, we are not looking for places, just numbers of birds you see in a particular region or general area that you found more productive than another. Also any other general information or fun stories you can tell are also welcome.

Stay tuned for information regarding Mearns’ quail information that we’ll sure provide a few days after the season opens – and stay tuned for the new and improved Q5 Vest!

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