What’s Happening Now – November 2013

What’s Happening Now – November 2013

It’s sure good news that this year’s hatch is, so far, far superior to the previous two years, and the cover over most of Arizona’s quail country is spectacular. Some areas through the central part of the State have approximately 75% birds of the year, but again, as was the case in previous years, there continue to be pockets that seem like there was hardly a hatch while other pockets have had a huge hatch with many birds of the year. So a word of caution – as spectacular as the cover is, there is still country out there that is holding just a few birds even when it looks like it should be holding more.

But again, overall, it does look to be a superior year compared to the last two years as the reports concur that somewhat of a hatch occurred over all parts of the state, and if a person can find those better pockets, there are good numbers of birds. The reports coming into this website from the Region III area, Region VI area, and Units 31, 32, and 37B all describe a fair number of birds of the year.

Haven’t heard any reports from the far southeast part of the state – Willcox, Douglas, etc. – but we’re assuming that the Scaled quail hatch in that area should be okay. And am going out on a limb here, but it looks like this Mearns’ season should also be much better than the last two years.

We greatly appreciate your sharing with us through www.azquailtoday.com what conditions you’re all seeing out there while, as is our policy, not giving out any definitive directions to hunting spots.

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