What’s Happening Now – November 2010

What’s Happening Now – November 2010

At this point, it looks like all of those hopes of a good hatch have been realized over almost all of the Gambel’s quail country except for the eastern and southeastern part of Arizona.

Region 3 has a good number of young birds. Good starting areas for this Region would be Unit 16A and Unit 18B.

Region 4 also contains a good number of young birds, though hunting may be a little tougher because the cover is not as good. Unit 44A, Unit 42, and Unit 20C would be the best bets for this Region.

Much of Region 5 consists of the southeast part of the State and most of those areas don’t look so good at this point. Some of the country north of Tucson would be the better areas to start here – Unit 37B, Unit 33, Unit 32.

Region 6 – basically the whole area of this Region looks good. Most all the areas north and east of Phoenix have had a good hatch with a good number of young birds.

As the season progresses and the nights become colder, some of the smaller coveys will join together, so by December/January, there should be better shooting opportunities as the covey sizes increase. More information regarding Mearns’ will be in the December update. I have spoken with various deer hunters who report that the overall population of Mearns’ quail seem to be rather spotty at this point.

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