What’s Happening Now – May 2014

What’s Happening Now – May 2014

What’s Happening Now – May 2014

So far its been another dry, windy Spring and the desert has dried out considerably. However, Gambel’s quail have been hatching in some areas – the Roosevelt area, Congress/Hillside area, and in the area toward Lake Pleasant. The only significant rain that occurred during the month of April was in the northwest part of the state – some areas around Kingman received ¼ inch or so. Every little bit helps.

Many of you upland bird hunters are well aware of Quilomene vests, and that Quilomene’s Steve Owen was retiring and discontinuing the company. However, we are glad to state that Q5 Outdoor Products has acquired Quilomene and will be continuing its reliable, quality reputation. The vests will be manufactured here Arizona and are in the initial stages of being produced. The initial production schedule is taking some time, though – looks like a minimum of 6 weeks. You can go to www.quilomene.com for contact information.

Am including a couple short videos:

This first one is interesting and it’s only 43 seconds long. There are various birds feeding with Mearns quail mixed in. The birds suddenly scatter — but not the Mearns with their instinct is to set, not fly, when danger approaches.

This second one is by Dale Rollins about how to age quail:

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