What’s Happening Now – May 2011

What’s Happening Now – May 2011

Moving into early summer with Gambel’s quail, it looks like the breeding season may have gotten off to a somewhat late start. In some of the desert areas that I’ve been through in early April, full coveys still existed without any pairing. Though there were some mating calls and pairing as well, in general, it looks like the breeding activity has been later than usual. As we go into the early part of May, one bright spot is that some broods are beginning to show up – baby quail about the size of a bumblebee. The desert is very dry at this point in time, though that is considered normal for this time of year.

Hey Dad (and Grandpas too for that matter) check out this interesting link we’ve come across: www.outdoorfathers.com.

If anyone has developed or knows a good quail recipe, please send it over to add to the website – [email protected]

Here’s an interesting video that is a well-communicated viewpoint about hunting, hunters, and their benefit to conservation and the environment:

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