What’s Happening Now – March/April 2011

What’s Happening Now – March/April 2011

At this point, the rain has been on the slim side. There is a slight green-up on the desert despite the lack of rain over the last several weeks. Hopefully we’ll see another couple rains before the 100+ degree temps hit. A couple other items of interest:

1. In the last several days, some discussion has taken place on “Upland Journal” regarding the decreased Mearns quail population. Some of you may find it interesting — Click to read discussion.
Discussions like these have taken place in the past and, in general, they’re good for everyone involved. It is a fact that Arizona’s Upland bird populations have declined over the past 20 – 25 years or so, however, we also continue to be, though with some improvement, in a long-term drought and wildlife populations will always fluctuate, whether animals or birds. Another observation is that there are good numbers of Mearns’ quail in areas outside the southeast part of the State (Coronado National Forest), and those populations also fluctuate, even with little or no hunting pressure. However, despite the natural changes and fluctuations in weather, animal, and bird populations, AQT does agree that ‘something’ should be done to control the hunting pressure in the most well known Mearns’ areas in southeastern Arizona. Frankly, I don’t know what the answers are, but I would like to say this: Over the years, my perception of the overall management of the AZ Game & Fish Dept. has been good. They, along with the Commissioners, do have the best interest of hunters and wildlife at heart. Much of the G&F and Commission personnel, past and present, are avid hunters themselves and want to see the best for the State’s wildlife. Also, in my view, Arizona’s Mearns’ quail are much heartier than some would think.

2. A new White Mountains Wildlife 2011 Video is in the Media Section > Video. Take a few minutes to sit back, relax, and listen to the music while enjoying God’s creation.

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