What’s Happening Now – June 2015

What’s Happening Now – June 2015

What’s Happening Now – June 2015

The state of Arizona – a rich, diverse terrain and unlimited outdoor and hunting opportunities that can continue all year long. These two photos are good examples of that. Collared doves are open all year long – no season and no limit. No season on rabbits either – they provide some great outdoor outings, and a fantastic way to do some off-season scouting for quail and still bring dinner home.

May 2015 brought along with it some very different weather than what we’ve had past years around the same time. This May was much cooler than normal and even provided a few good rains. These abnormal weather conditions favor an above normal, good quail hatch, especially if the rains continue throughout the summer months.

If this report is correct (Arizona monsoon expected to be active thanks to El Niño) things maybe looking up for Arizona’s desert quail and Mearns’ quail. Warming water in the Pacific Ocean generally means more rain for the summer and winter months. Summer rains boding well for Mearns’ quail; winter rains boding well for desert quail.

A Few Helpful Things

7 Ways To Bond With Your Bird Dog
1. When he flops on the ground to roll in something stinky, remember that he’s the reason you hunt, shoot, laugh, and love it all. Then go belly up and join him in the weeds.
2. Give him half your ribeye steak.
3. Tell him it’s not your fault you can’t hunt 24/7 365 days a year.
4. Tell him your secrets.
5. Forgive him when he breaks on the outrageously huge covey of quail.
6. Share your bologna sandwich.
7. Be fair and consistent in your training commands.

On the Road…Safety Dog Kits for the Big Hunt
1. Bring a record of your dog’s vaccinations and recent health checks.
2. Always carry the phone number of one of the animal poison control centers.
3. Use a temporary ID tag, put your cell phone and/or camp/lodge number on it.
4. Research the location and phone number of emergency vets in the area you’re traveling/hunting.

Credit for the above two sections to UglyDogHunting.com

When the birds win. It’s exciting to see a good sized covey of birds flush into what looks to be a situation that will work in your favor – good cover, good terrain, big covey. But they just won’t set, won’t cooperate, and they fly again and again, flushing wild. They just plain get away. It happens – accept that it’s a part of hunting unpredictable desert quail. Give those birds their due, smile, and move on. More Bird Hunting Tactics!

Hunting Vest Accessory Recommendations

A new addition to Q5 Outdoor Products is the Accessory Recommendations page that you might find interesting. These are products that I have found to be greatly beneficial while upland bird hunting. Though I have not personally used all the products listed, others I have hunted with have so I’ve included these products as well.

Here is one product in particular that I use and recommend: Columbia Men’s Bahama II Long Sleeve Shirt and the Columbia Men’s Bonehead Short/Long Sleeve Shirt. Yes, technically these are fishing shirts but they’re lightweight and work great for most average weather during upland bird hunting. One of the best features of these shirts are the extra pockets.

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