What’s Happening Now – July/August 2011

What’s Happening Now – July/August 2011

As was mentioned earlier in the Spring (May, 2011 Update), the Gambel’s quail pairing seemed to be a bit later than usual which means that, as was the case last year, the 2011 -2012 quail season will start with somewhat immature birds. Right now, the Gambel’s quail hatch looks to be below average due to sparse winter rains. We’ll know more, of course, by September.

One of the bright spots may be with Scaled quail – so far the summer rain season has been good, and if the rains continue through August and part of September, we could see a late hatch of Scaled quail. Those birds at times, can be late hatchers.

It will be interesting to see what develops further with Mearns’ quail. Last year, conditions looked favorable, yet the hatch was way below average. Again, we’ll have a better idea of the hatch sometime in late September, early October.

At this time, my perspective is that it will be far below average statewide for all three species of quail for the 2011-2012 season. The great thing about it, as always, is that there will be some sections of the state, especially with Gambel’s and Scaled, where there will be enough quail around to keep a hunter and dog busy and interested most days. Stay tuned.

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