What’s Happening Now – July 2015

What’s Happening Now – July 2015

What’s Happening Now – July 2015

At this point in time, the Mearns’ quail hatch is shaping up to be a good one. Good rains are predicted for another few weeks. Mearns’ quail need summer rain, therefore a favorable hatch is in order.

Noise Level On the Hunt. Truck doors slamming, uncontrolled dogs, and yelling at uncontrolled dogs – noise can and does spook any quail that may be nearby. This is especially true in areas that have been heavily hunted. So the tip is: stay quiet – around the vehicles as well as out in the field. More Bird Hunting Tactics!

Hunting Vest Accessory Recommendations

A new addition to Q5 Outdoor Products is the Accessory Recommendations page that you might find interesting. These are products that I have found to be greatly beneficial while upland bird hunting. Though I have not personally used all the products listed, others I have hunted with have so I’ve included these products as well.

Here is one product in particular that I use and recommend: Columbia Men’s Bahama II Long Sleeve Shirt and the Columbia Men’s Bonehead Short/Long Sleeve Shirt. Yes, technically these are fishing shirts but they’re lightweight and work great for most average weather during upland bird hunting. One of the best features of these shirts are the extra pockets.

Take a look at the all new Q5 Outdoor Products website!

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