What’s Happening Now – January-Febuary

What’s Happening Now – January-Febuary

What’s Happening Now – January-Febuary

                                         Well Folks The 2017-2018 Arizona Quail Season Is Over. I Apologize for the delay in doing the monthly write ups we spent alot of time in the field this year!Have To Say It Was A Overall good season.As far as the regions go.I might guess the north west has plenty of holdover birds and with some rain might be real good.The eastern part of the state was hit and miss.The southern region was and has been hurt by a long drought. Mearns Quail i would say there was about half of the birds there was last year and the 90+days we went without rain sent alot of folks home without so much as a dog on point.With That Said There where lots of happy hunting groups.Its all about The Spot i Suppose You Could Call It Spot Fidelity.If You Find a good spot keep it deep within your heart.I almost promise you it will only bring you a bumed out feeling when you tell somebody in secret where to go and then before you know it they tell someone…… its spreads like the flu.

The Arizonans and folks who come and enjoy this state Are Hoping And Praying That The Rains Come Early This Spring And Bring Along Some Green Up.looks like we are getting a little right now.Its not to late for a good hatch .

This month we are going to talk about quail hunting safety. Quail hunting is a combination of many factors that hunters need to take into consideration prior to planning an Arizona quail experience.
First, we recommend that every hunter enroll in a hunter safety course. Safety courses provide a foundation for responsible gun use. This protects every being involved in a hunt including the humans and the working dogs. Hunters need to be prepared to overcome the excitement of the hunt with responsible gun use. If you would like to enroll, your local game and fish department is the best resource.
Second, if you are hunting above dogs, ensure that you are comfortable with dogs entering the zone of the shot. Be willing to pass up any shot for the safety of the dogs. All dogs react differently to busting coveys, and steady to flush or not, the hunter needs to be prepared.
Third, there is the terrain. Desert birds and particularly Mearns Quail live in hilly or mountainous terrain. The risk of the hunter taking a misstep and falling is greater than in flat land bird hunting. The first thing a hunter needs to do to prepare for these factors is be physically prepared for tumultuous terrain. This includes hiking with a gun up and down rock hillsides. They also need to invest in and break in high quality hunting boots with ankle support.
If you are uncomfortable with any of these factors, we would recommend against booking or planning any sort of quail hunt until you feel as if you are experienced enough to tackle a high intensity hunt. It doesn’t hurt anyone to put off a quail hunt until you are fully prepared. If you not prepared, you could hurt or kill not only a dog but a friend or colleague.
Remember, guns to God.


The 2018 Season Is Underway …..Remember When you purchase Q5 and Quilomene upland hunting vests, you are helping a Child experience camping and the great outdoors. A percentage of the proceeds go to Arizona Outdoor Adventures, a non-profit 501(c)(3 organization dedicated to providing healthy outdoor activities for underprivileged children. Wont You Help Out A Kid Today Go to www.azoutdooradventures.org for further information.



Helpful Tip: When the birds win. It’s exciting to see a good sized covey of birds flush into what looks to be a situation that will work in your favor – good cover, good terrain, big covey. But they just won’t set, won’t cooperate, and they fly again and again, flushing wild. They just plain get away. It happens – accept that it’s a part of hunting unpredictable desert quail. Give those birds their due, smile, and move on.


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