What’s Happening Now – January 2012

What’s Happening Now – January 2012

Gambel’s Quail
Not much change since the last update, although here are some interesting observations: With the majority of this season’s Gambel’s quail being adult:
  1. The birds are calling less than in previous years;

  2. In most years, a covey will fly or run when a vehicle drives by, but with adult birds, often the covey will just set tight allowing the vehicle to drive by; and
  3. There have been instances when you may flush just one or two quail, but in reality was a full size covey (2 dozen birds or more), but being adult birds, they did not fly at all – just scattered, with some running off and some just setting without being seen.

So something to think about in these situations – if you put up just one or two birds, don’t leave. Continue to hunt the area because it could very well be that that covey has ran, scattered on the ground, and are setting tight.

Scaled Quail
No changes since last update – there was an “ok” hatch of Scaled quail with some good numbers in the coveys. Also, the same observations noted above in #2 and #3 apply to Scaled quail as well.

Mearns’ Quail
Pretty much what was said last time – generally full, good-sized coveys, just fewer of them.

General note: Right now the desert areas, primarily in the northern half of the state, look to be in great shape. Lots of new green growth and the birds are filling up on it. A couple rains in February and a couple in March could put us in better shape for hatches next year. Certain areas still have lots of adult birds to bring off a good hatch.

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