What’s Happening Now – January 2011 #2

What’s Happening Now – January 2011 #2

Gambel’s / Scaled

The 2010 – 2011 season sure has turned out to be less than what it was expected to be – even with the increased amounts of rainfall last spring and summer. Apparently there are more indicators of a good season than just rainfall because there were a good number of carryover birds from last spring. As this is written, I’m hunting in the east-central part of the state. There are lots of birds of the year here, but not very many coveys, though the sizes of the coveys that are here are good – usually a couple dozen birds or more. From what I have found, and from what has been reported, the best numbers of birds have been in some of the rougher terrain and back away from roads. Most avid bird hunters, with hard hunting, have been finding about 4 coveys a day.

Don’t forget to use a good quail call. It can be used anytime of the day to locate coveys, but the morning and late afternoon hours are the best. I would recommend a Lohman call. Another recommendation would be to use a heavier shot in the late season, like #6 shot with a heavy load.

Also, just as an aside, the winter storm that came through end of December/first part of January, was good for the desert and a slight production of green sprouts has been evident.


The Mearns’ outlook is poor statewide. Sticking with desert quail will be more productive this late in the season.

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