What’s Happening Now – January 2011 #1

What’s Happening Now – January 2011 #1

This season is looking a lot like last year with certain concentrated areas having quite a few birds, but lots of country where quail have been in the past, but are just not there this year in any numbers. As of January 1, the rains have been on the slim side. Still, some of the better areas for Gambel’’s quail continue to be in the central part of the state. It does seem that Gambel’’s and Scaled populations may be making a bit of a comeback in the southeast part of the state where the country had been so dry. In years past, some of that country has been good quail hunting – it will be nice to see those numbers increasing.

To look at the state in general for Mearns’ quail, is poor – lots of country between coveys. Some fairly avid Mearns’ hunters, with good dogs, have hunted hard with very limited success. As it was last year, a bird hunter would be better off to stay on Scaled or Gambel’’s quail for numbers. Stay tuned – should know a little more the second or third week of January and will update again then.

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