What’s Happening Now – January 2010

What’s Happening Now – January 2010

Here we are – ten days from the end of the 2009-2010 Arizona quail season. Mearns’ quail continues to be fairly slow as well as Gambel’s. Again, the central part of the State has had good, full-sized coveys with plenty of young, but a hunter can walk a long ways between coveys! The third week of January did bring a lot of moisture to Arizona – it has been one of the wettest Januarys in years and years and, together with some good rain in December, has resulted in the desert really beginning to green up. It’s very possible to see a good quail hatch next year, if, along with this year’s carryover quail, Arizona gets more good rains in February and March. We’ll just have to wait and see, but on an encouraging note, in previous years when I’ve seen the desert floor a solid green in January, there’s been a good quail hatch. Now in order to have an excellent hatch, Arizona would have to have two or three back to back years of moisture like what we’ve had this past December and January. Right now (January 24), I’m at Roosevelt Lake and this last storm completely filled it up in just a few days. The other lakes in central and southern Arizona, as well as stock tanks that haven’t seen water in a long time, were filled by this past storm. It’s really good to see the desert in its current, increasingly green condition. Something to be aware of if you are planning to get out this last week of quail season is that access to areas above 4-5,000 feet may be questionable due to snow, and the lower elevation areas have had an abundance of water running in otherwise dry washes, so back road conditions could make some areas inaccessible.

This is the last update for this season. Though the quail season may have been average, what never changes and what is always worth your time, is getting out into the amazing, rugged Arizona outdoors to enjoy and absorb the peace and beauty of God’s creation – we hope that pleasure has been, is, or will in the future be a regular part of your hunting experience.

Be sure to continue checking in at Arizona Quail Today – though the season has ended, adding to and polishing up this website will continue year round!

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