What’s Happening Now – February 2014

What’s Happening Now – February 2014

What’s Happening Now – February 2014

As the season nears an end, we’ve moved through the entire month of January without any precipitation. Things are really beginning to dry up. February and March rain will be critical for a desert quail hatch next year.

That being said, it’s time for a word about sportsmanship and ethics – which, by the way, is a new menu item on this website.

I know a couple bird hunters who were hunting in the eastern part of the state and found an area with abundant numbers of quail – large coveys, good cover. While they were hunting, a huge group moved into that general area and set up camp – enough hunters, bird dogs, trailers, and campers so that it looked like a small city. This group heard the shooting going on, drove down a small two track, and unloaded hunters and birddogs in an area very close to the existing hunters. They then proceeded to move toward the shooting. When the existing hunters saw this group coming, they moved on to a different area nearby, found another covey and started to hunt. The SAME large group moved toward them AGAIN – this occurred over a good portion of the day!

What could this large group of hunters possibly be thinking that they would come in on top of other hunters in that manner??? It’s not only dangerous, it can create problems with mixing dogs, and it would also be devastating on that local quail population to hunt them in large groups like that. At times, it sounded like a war. It is public land and it is legal, but does that make it right? Sportsmanship and ethics override any “legalities”. When out in the field and in similar situations, a sportsman’s automatic response would be to treat others as he would like to be treated – and respect the other hunters’ spot. Also, THINK in terms of what those situations do to the quail numbers when there are too many hunters in a small area. It is unethical all the way around.

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More stories will be forthcoming regarding sportsmanship and ethics.

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