What’s Happening Now – February 2011

What’s Happening Now – February 2011

Gambel’s / Scaled

Well, here it is, the tail end of the 2010-2011 season and there are still some big coveys of quail around, but it had just seemed that it was going to be one of those seasons that you would be able to see and hear quail by just driving around on a back country two track in good quail country. But it was not to be. Even though there have been large coveys of quail with generally 80% or more being birds of the year, a hunter had to get out and hunt hard to find those pockets. In general, with hard hunting, a hunter could find a good sized covey about every hour or so. But, again, it just didn’t turn out to be the first-rate season that seemed to be shaping up considering the kind of conditions that were present from all our winter rains and green up. We’ll see what develops over the next few months with more moisture – as I put this together, there’s supposed to be another little storm on the way in. Hopefully, it will provide some generous rain.


No other description for this year’s Mearns’ season fits, but that it was “poor”. Again, as with Gambel’s and Scaled, it started out looking like it should have been a good Mearns’ hatch because of the wet, green conditions – and in previous years even when the bird population was down but good conditions existed for a good hatch, there were enough quail around to hunt. But whether the timing of the rain was a factor together with other factors such as predators, storms, or whatever, it just didn’t happen in 2010-2011.

So the Arizona quail seasons were “ok”, but a guy can’t be down because what is always better than just “ok” is the opportunity you have at the start of each new day to be in the outdoors hiking through the desert vistas stretching out before you, and whether it’s sun, rain, or wind in your face, you know that that day will be stored in the old memory bank as a unique and irreplaceable day of adventure in the deserts of Arizona.

Stay tuned to this website during the off season – the plans are to add more pictures, videos, information, and periodic updates till it’s time to head out and find out what the 2011-2012 season has in store for us.

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