What’s Happening Now – End of Season 2015

What’s Happening Now – End of Season 2015

What’s Happening Now – End of Season 2015

Gambel’s Quail:
The bright note at the end of this season is that there is plenty of seed quail for next year’s hatch. And speaking of next year’s hatch, the desert is looking spectacular over most of the state – lots of green spouts and lots of new growth. Bodes well for the desert quail hatch!

Mearns’ Quail:
Also plenty of Mearns’ quail left in most areas for a great hatch, though that will depend as well on what happens with the summer rains.

Don’t forget to help out by joining the Southern Arizona Quail Forever chapter – www.southernarizonaquailforever.com.

And there is always lots of information and conversation going on with various blogs and forums – go to www.azquailtoday.com/quail-talk-forums-blogs/.

Have some quail in your freezer?? Try this delicious recipe from the Romero family:


Cut quail into four pieces. Lightly rub with vegetable oil and season to taste using salt, pepper, cayenne and/or Tony Chachere’s Cajun Seasoning. Lightly dust seasoned quail quarters with flour. In large pot or roasting pan, melt 1/2 pound butter with a couple drops of olive oil. Brown goose quarters in the butter. Add one large can (49 1/2oz.) of Swanson’s Chicken broth, 3 diced yellow onions and one can drained mushroom slices. Cook on low boil until meat falls off the bone, about 2-3 hours. depending on size of bird. Serve over rice. After 1 hour, taste test broth and add seasonings as needed.

Submitted by The Romero Family (Baby Kay’s), www.rosieonthehouse.com

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