What’s Happening Now – Early November 2014

What’s Happening Now – Early November 2014

What’s Happening Now – Early November 2014

It’s now been a few weeks into the Arizona quail season and here is what it looks like today: The cover over most of the state is excellent due to summer and early fall rains. As reported earlier, this 2014-2015 season is looking much like last year’s season — spotty through most of the state with some areas of “ok” reproduction, and other areas that saw a poor hatch once again. It will take some scouting to find those areas where an average hatch did occur.

Gambel’s and Scaled Quail
The entire southeast corner of the state looks below average with the central and northwestern parts of the state looking to be better areas to hunt.

The exception to that southeast corner will be Mearns’ quail, and at this point, it is looking to be about like last year which was somewhat above average.

A couple points of interest in this update are two articles:

1. If You Restore It, They Will Come by Johnathan O’Dell from the Fall 2014 Quail Forever magazine

2. An Arizona Republic newspaper article regarding a shooting involving the Border Patrol in the southern part of the state

Be sure to check these out. Also, remember to take a look at the blogs and forums listed on AQT to get a lot of the latest quail/upland bird hunting information. And in closing, wanted to share a tip about recovering downed, crippled, or dead birds: Tactic: Wounded Quail

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