What’s Happening Now – December 2010

What’s Happening Now – December 2010

It’s December, and the 2010 season has been open two months. Things do look a bit different than at the beginning of the season. The number one assessment would be that, so far, other than for the first month, this season looks a lot like it did last year. The first month of this season did have more birds around than last year.

Gambel’s and Scaled
There have been some fairly good reports coming from the southeast corner of the State, especially regarding Scaled quail, though the central part of Arizona continues to be better than further east. In some central areas, almost 100% of the birds harvested have been young birds of the year. The further east you go, however, the more it becomes like last year where maybe 70% of harvested birds were young. So at this point in time, the hatch and young quail survival looks to have been the best in the central and western part of the State. The Yuma area has been reported as having plenty of quail, though the cover in some of those areas is not as conducive to good hunting.

Region III (Kingman) – fair
Region IV (Yuma) – plenty of quail
Region V (Tucson) – fair to good
Region VI (Mesa) – good, and the further west one goes, the better it gets

Mearns’ quail are somewhat better than what they were last year. The cover and conditions have been better, favoring the hatch, so we should be in fair shape on Mearns’ in most any of the areas in the southeast part of the State anyway.

Region V (Tucson) – fair

One more thing to mention is that, to date, things have been fairly dry and many waterholes are dry. Even the waterholes that were full last year have none or little water right now. A dry, dusty season like this does make it difficult for dogs.

Thanks once again for your interest in this website. If you get an opportunity, take a look at a video under “Quail Video”. It’s just 7 minutes and you’ll enjoy watching it – it’s titled “White Mountain Wildlife”. It’s also on YouTube if you search under Arizona Outdoor Adventures. There will be more wildlife and desert quail videos added in the next month or two with interesting elk and antelope footage, including a couple coyotes after a herd of antelope. These videos are available for a contribution to Arizona Outdoor Adventures – you’ll be enabling children to experience nature and the outdoors, especially inner city children who do not have the opportunities to do so. Go to www.azoutdooradventures.org to get more information.

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