What’s Happening Now – December 2009 #2

What’s Happening Now – December 2009 #2

Here’s what’s going on, what I’ve seen, and what I hear from reports – of what’s going on right now around Christmastime, 2009.

Mearns’ quail – some areas of the state have had a hatch. They are, however, very few and far between. Several full sized coveys a day can be found in those areas. On the other hand, most areas have very few coveys and those coveys are small with just 3 or 4 birds. It’s kind of what was predicted – that it would be very spotty. Here’s the bright picture – there are enough quail around to hunt if a guy will get out and do enough scouting to find them.

Gambel’s and Scaled quail – let’s start with the bright picture. In many areas of central Arizona a hatch has occurred. Most areas, 70% of the birds will be birds of the year. In one bag of 15 birds just a week ago, there were 12 birds of the year (juvenile birds) out of that, so there’s actually quite a few young quail around where hatches have occurred. Then on the other hand, the majority of quail country did not have a hatch and it’s tough hunting.

Statewide, the hatch has been a little bit better than predicted, and though it is spotty, there are enough birds around to have an enjoyable hunt.

Then I just want to emphasize here all the best to you for the upcoming new year. Stay current with what is going on with this website because there will be changes taking place all the time and updates all the time. We have a lot planned down the road — so stay tuned, continue to check in and see what develops.

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