What’s Happening Now – Christmas/New Year’s 2011

What’s Happening Now – Christmas/New Year’s 2011

Some recent questions have come up regarding the San Carlos Indian Reservation, but the quail hunting there hasn’t really been any better than any other location – seems to be about the same all over the state. An overall impression is that the quail seem to be in “pockets” this season. Go to our tactics page for a brief explanation of why pockets occur.

The best Gambel’s quail hunting to date, that I am aware of, has been in the central and southern parts of Region III – from Baghdad to Kingman. Don’t forget to use a quail call — and use it a lot, because even with dogs, calling can be a big help to locate birds, not only new coveys, but for birds that have been scattered. A good quail call is a great asset.

There have been reports of some halfway decent Scaled quail hunting – referring to the southern part of the state. Covey sizes for Scaled quail have run somewhat larger than Gambel’s, indicating that they did have a bit better hatch. I’ve been in touch with some contacts through southern New Mexico and most all of that country is way down also.

Not much change from the last update. I suppose if there would be one bright note in it all, it’s that at least on the average, the covey sizes have been somewhat larger this year than last, and by large coveys, I mean 8 – 10 birds or more.

**The best quail hunting that I know of anywhere close to Arizona is in southern California, and even some of those reports have been somewhat sketchy. Overall, if a hatch occurred anywhere in the southwest, it’s been through southern California. One bonus is a lot of that country also holds Chukars, so the possibility of a mixed bag could be good. Visit our articles page for more on southern California hunting.

All in all though, as far as the birds go in Arizona, there is still enough of them out there to give an individual a fairly productive hunt if they just stick with it.

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