What’s Happening Now – August 2013

What’s Happening Now – August 2013

It sure has been while awhile since the last update. The AOA camps have kept me very busy in the back-country, though I have, when possible, worked to keep up with what’s going on with Arizona’s quail.

To start off, the first hatches that I knew of, occurred about the 3rd week of April. This is earlier than they have been the last few years, so as mentioned before, this 2013-2014 season should be somewhat better than last year. The prickly pear fruit is coming on strong as well, so at the beginning of the season the best places to look will be in those of areas of heavy prickly pear growth.

Most portions of the southeast part of the state have, or are in the process, of greening up, which favors a Mearns’ hatch. Some heavy rains have occurred all the way from Nogales across to Douglas.

That’s about it for now. Am closing with this short blue grouse video:

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