What’s Happening Now – August 2012

What’s Happening Now – August 2012

Just as in July, summer rains in most sections of the state are looking pretty good – some pretty good green-ups going on. Again, the best news there is for Mearns’ and Scaled quail, although with breeding numbers so low last year, I don’t think we’ll see a great 2012 season, but things are looking up for a better hatch anyway.

A great help for resident and non-resident bird hunters is the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide. Although this publication is primarily geared towards big game, pick one up because the magazine includes, by Region, name and contact information for lodging, restaurants, auto services, hunting gear stores, sporting dog services, RV services, and more. There is also information on flatlinemaps.com – another important resource for bird hunters. Pick it up through their preferred dealers page, or your
local Barnes and Noble or Wal-Mart stores. It is a great resource to have on hand.

Got an email from Ben Smith with AZWanderings.com about t-shirts he’s designed, one of them for Arizona quail hunters:

Click here if you’d like to order one. For anyone interested in Arizona fishing, especially fly fishing, be sure to take some time to look over his website: www.azwanderings.com. It’s full of great information, stories, and pictures.

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