What’s Happening Now – November 2015

What’s Happening Now – November 2015

What’s Happening Now – November 2015

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If you’re new to bird hunting in Arizona, take a look at our What’s Happening Now > Current Temperatures by Towns page for some good places to begin your hunt. Also, click on the temperature of each town to view the 10-day forecast.

The November report stands to be about the same as October:
Throughout Arizona, Gambel’s quail numbers for the 2015-2016 season are up considerably from where they have been the past few years. Still, there are some areas where diligent hunting must be done in order to pick up a few birds. As predicted, this season has produced many young birds with the hatch showing to be fairly spread out. In other words, several different age groups of quail intermixed within the coveys. Mearns’ hunting looks promising this season as well.

Some additional information that may be of interest from Arizona Game and Fish Department Small Game Biologist, Johnathan O’Dell and published in Arizona Wildlife Views Magazine September/October 2015:

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

Tactic: Training with Duct Tape

The most important training tool is duct tape. Tear off a piece the size of your mouth, then use your imagination. People who holler at their dogs or constantly blow whistles have forgotten that dogs have ears also and can actually hear better than their owners. All the extra noise just reinforces bad behavior and reminds the dog to avoid you. Silence is the best teaching tool.
– Tactic from Pointing Dog Journal, Eastern Encounters.

More Bird Hunting Tactics!

Hunting Vest Accessory Recommendations

A new addition to Q5 Outdoor Products is the Accessory Recommendations page. These are products that I have found to be greatly beneficial while upland bird hunting. Though I have not personally used all the products listed, others I have hunted with have so I’ve included these products as well.

Featured Product Recommendation

It’s a good idea to carry a small flashlight in your pack in case you get caught outside after dark. Here’s a good one:

LE Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight
– Adjustable beam focus
– Super Bright. 140lm
– 3 AAA Battery(required and included)
– Shock resistant
– Diameter is 1.34in. Length is 4.29in

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