Where To Hunt Quail

Where To Hunt Quail

As outdoorsmen most of us know there are certain unwritten rules that apply to sportsmanship and ethics. One of those is being invited to hunt with a friend in “their” place to hunt. It is understood that we do not go back to that spot, and, even worse, bring other people with us to that spot, or, with today’s technology, sending others the GPS locations. Most all outdoorsmen work hard with blood, sweat, and tears to find certain areas to hunt or camp. Over the years many good hunting areas have been ruined because of other hunters taking friends, and then those friends taking other friends.

Is it wise to post an open invitation on the internet, not knowing anything about the person or people who might respond to join you? The invitee most likely has very good intentions of simply including others in on their hunt but please keep in mind, there is a good chance that those you take with you will probably come back with their friends…and those friends with other friends and so on. Every time returning to the same spot.

Then there are others who hire guides for one reason only – to learn good areas to hunt. Those guides have also worked very hard to find productive areas for clients. So the question is, is it ethical/fair to go back to an area you have paid a guide to be in?

Of course, public land is public land and anyone can hunt anywhere on public land with a hunting license, but give this some thought – and if you didn’t see this on CouesWhitetail.com, here’s a link for you to read further and make up your own mind: coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/62311-wow-really/ It’s an interesting read.

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