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Mearns’ Quail Hunting Pressure

Mearns’ Quail Hunting Pressure

A lot of talk this year regarding Mearns’ quail and hunting pressure on these birds. Something to consider is this, take one bird on the covey rise and then move on. Before starting out for the day, set your own limit. Maybe limit yourself to 5 or 6 birds other than the 8 bird limit. By shooting only one bird on the covey rise, it will allow more time in the field and will go easier on the covey.

The same principle can apply to desert birds as well. Set a personal limit for the day before starting out and limit yourself to 7 or 8 birds other than the 15 bird limit. Begin to see the hunt as more of a enjoyable day in the outdoors taking out a handful of birds, other than viewing the hunt with killing the limit in mind.

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