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Tip: Get on ’em!

Here’s a helpful Scaled quail tip that applies to Gambel’s quail as well:
When you see quail, get out and get on them or they’ll get away. Don’t wait around any or drive a little further, just get after ‘em!

A related tip from Pointing Dog Journal:
“Initially I took my time getting out of the truck getting my gear together and getting the dogs out. I learned this 15 minute delay in getting after the birds I flushed was way too long. I rarely found more than one or two singles. The secret, I found, was that when a covey got up, whether I was driving or hunting I needed to get after them in a hurry. The faster I got to where I had seen them go down the more likely it was I would get a point in a shooting opportunity.” – From Pointing Dog Journal

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