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Tip: Finding Your Hunting Spot

Tip: Finding Your Hunting Spot

Every year there are gripes and complaints about too many hunters and not enough birds. That does not have to happen in a state like Arizona. There are many areas of the state that never see a bird hunter. Crack open a map and look for areas that you’ve never thought or heard of and set aside a few days to explore/scout that area. Be aware that in doing so there will be days of very few or no birds. On the other hand, this scouting method is one of the best ways to find those “honey hole” spots with a very small number of other people. You might even have to walk a mile or so in to get to some of the untouched areas. This is especially true with Mearns’ quail. There are entire mountain ranges in Arizona that hold good numbers of Mearns’ quail with very little to no hunting pressure.

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