What’s Happening Now – March 2012

What’s Happening Now – March 2012

by Dan Priest

Was doing a little research recently and found some interesting tidbits regarding the fluctuation in Mearns’ quail numbers. I realize the following wing barrel data is not the best data around as many hunters don’t pay any attention to the wing barrels or don’t even hunt in areas where wing barrels exist, but it is just some interesting information that most bird hunters would like to know. Went back to some Game & Fish data, and in 1982 the Mearns’ quail wing barrel statistics showed 90 birds collected, 1986 showed 509, 1995 showed 115, 1998 showed 236, and the 2000 statistics showed 1,312 birds collected. Now the 2007 statistics is where it gets really interesting because it showed 2,295 birds collected, and in 2010 the statistics showed 35 birds collected. It was interesting to see how dramatically the Mearns’ numbers could fluctuate.

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