From Bob Redwine
Thursday, November 25, 2010

I’m sending this message to several people that have hunted with or known Maggie over the years. Yesterday, Maggie and I were quail hunting in an area about 12 miles from where we live. Maggie was attacked by a mountain lion. The attack occurred in a brushy area, she was only about Maggie 30 feet from me when it happened. I think the fact that she was so close and that I reacted by yelling loudly and running to her may have saved her life. I did see the lion as it ran away through the brush; it was a big one. I wish I had been carrying something other than a 28 gauge and bird shot. We were able to get her to our veterinarian within 30 minutes of the attack. She has two bite/puncture wounds on her chest (one barely missed going through all of the muscle into her chest cavity), two bite/puncture wounds on her shoulders, lacerations to her chest, hip, back and rear leg. It looks like the lion probably bit her from the front across her shoulders and chest and raked her with its front paws. She’s lucky to have survived this. Maggie was in surgery yesterday afternoon and spent the night at the vet; we’ll pick her up this afternoon and bring her home. Looks like she’ll need 3-4 weeks for a full recovery.

So today when we give thanks for all of our friends and family; we’ll give thanks that Maggie is still with us to enjoy several more years of time in the field doing what she loves to do most.

After sending this message out last Thursday, I figured that I owed everyone an update on Maggie’s condition. First, thank you to everyone for the replies and concern with Maggie. I gave her all of the requested hugs and pats on the head. I never knew a little brown dog could have so many friends.

It turned out that Maggie’s injuries were worse than we first thought, but her recovery so far has exceeded our veterinarian’s and our expectations. The worst injuries were the bite to her chest and a slash on her left rear leg. The slash on the leg missed a major artery by a “hair’s breadth” (veterinarian’s words). If the artery had been severed, she likely wouldn’t have made it the ½ mile back to the truck. She has two drain lines installed in the deep bites (these will come out tomorrow). There were internal sutures to close the punctures. There are 79 metal staples that were used to close the wounds. The staples will stay in for 10-14 days. Maggie will wear a plastic cone until the staples are removed. Maggie will be out of the bird hunting game for at least 6 weeks. I’m hoping that she can do a little field work and have some fun by the end of January.

I’ve enclosed three pictures of Maggie after she came home from the veterinarian. You may want to skip these if you are squeamish about these types of photos.

Maggie   Maggie


Maggie is on her way to a full recovery.

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