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What’s Happening Now

What’s Happening Now – End of Season 2015

Gambel’s Quail: The bright note at the end of this season is that there is plenty of seed quail for next year’s hatch. And speaking of next year’s hatch, the desert is looking spectacular over most of the state – lots of green spouts and lots of new growth. Bodes well for the desert quail hatch! Mearns’ Quail: Also plenty ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – End of January 2015

Gambel's, Mearns' and shotgun

Some good rains have hit most desert areas in November, December, and so far in January. In turn, the desert is green and looking good for a Gambel’s quail hatch next season. A few soaking rain showers in February and March would be beneficial to continue providing moisture for the desert floor. Gambel’s quail hunting continues to be very spotty ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – January 2015

Reports are as follows: – Gambel’s Quail: Poor – Scaled Quail: Below average – Mearns’ Quail: About average Mearns’ quail are taking quite a beating this season. Here’s an idea to try out to leave some birds for other hunters and increase carryover: Cut your personal limit in half, try 4 birds per day instead of 8. With good summer ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – December 2014

As far as Gambel’s and scaled quail, not too much change from the last update. Will take a lot of work to scratch out a few Gambel’s quail this year. In some areas the scaled quail hunting is fairly good. Mearns’ quail is about as predicted which was above average. Something to consider regarding Mearns’ — there will be a ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – November 2014

From Upland Journal, November 16, 2014: Tough year in the Keystone state for many of us. The birds have not been as plentiful in general and certainly not in marginal habitat. Over the past 6 years or so I have averaged about 6 miles for every dead bird. For much of that time I was shooting about 30% so that ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – Early November 2014

It’s now been a few weeks into the Arizona quail season and here is what it looks like today: The cover over most of the state is excellent due to summer and early fall rains. As reported earlier, this 2014-2015 season is looking much like last year’s season — spotty through most of the state with some areas of “ok” ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – End of October 2014

October is prime time to encounter rattlesnakes on a bird hunt. The following is valuable information from Bob Corley of Arizona Quail Hunting Camp. – – – Posted by Bob Corley of Arizona Quail Hunting Camp – – – Snake Bite Avoidance & Prevention Each year I have multiple inquiries asking for explanations or more information on rattlesnakes. Here are ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – October 2014

The upcoming Arizona quail season is starting to look a lot like last year. For Gambel’s and scaled quail, pockets where there are quite a few birds and other parts that are pretty slim. For Mearns’ quail, it’s looking a lot like last year as well, some good hunting! Enjoy this bit below on desert quail from The Pointing Dog ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – September 2014

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with Arizona quail hunting but occasionally it’s nice to see a quality video related to birds. This is a well made, 3-minute long video called Ruffed Grouse Minnesota. Sit back and enjoy! — Video description from www.ruffedgrouseminnesota.com: Ruffed Grouse Minnesota – the Video by Joel Schnell Released September 2, 2014 Ruffed grouse ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – August 2014 – AZGFD Small Game Outlook

Take a look at the Arizona Game & Fish Department’s 2014 – 2015 Small Game Outlook by Johnathan O’dell. — 2014 – 2015 Small Game Outlook By Johnathan O’Dell Small game biologist, Arizona Game and Fish Department All small game populations have their ups and downs. Weather conditions and more specifically rain patterns play the biggest role in these swings. ... Read More »

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