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What’s Happening Now

What’s Happening Now – August 2015

The forecast for the coming winter months is a wet one which means things are looking up regarding Arizona quail hunting. There is a strong correlation between El Niño and wetter than normal winters in the southwest. Historically, warm water in the eastern Pacific generally brings a wet winter to southern states. Since World War II, Arizona has not had ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – July 2015

At this point in time, the Mearns’ quail hatch is shaping up to be a good one. Good rains are predicted for another few weeks. Mearns’ quail need summer rain, therefore a favorable hatch is in order. Noise Level On the Hunt. Truck doors slamming, uncontrolled dogs, and yelling at uncontrolled dogs – noise can and does spook any quail ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – June 2015

The state of Arizona – a rich, diverse terrain and unlimited outdoor and hunting opportunities that can continue all year long. These two photos are good examples of that. Collared doves are open all year long – no season and no limit. No season on rabbits either – they provide some great outdoor outings, and a fantastic way to do ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – May 2015

Another bit of moisture moved through the state around the 3rd week of April. Some areas received a nice dose of rain – mainly the central part of the state. The desert quail hatch, again, is continuing to look pretty good. If this report is correct (Arizona monsoon expected to be active thanks to El Niño) things maybe looking up ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – April 2015

Reports at this date are as follows: The desert is in better shape than it has been in several years and Gambel’s quail began pairing very early this year. As of the end of March and early April, baby quail were already reported in some areas. The last good rain was the third week of March and since then, it ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – March 2015

The rains have put the desert in a spectacular green-up, and another storm moving through right now (March 3) is just icing on the cake for a good Gambel’s and Scaled quail hatch. There were good rains in November, December, and January, and though February was relatively dry, the desert remained green and lush. This March rain will bring about ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – End of Season 2015

Gambel’s Quail: The bright note at the end of this season is that there is plenty of seed quail for next year’s hatch. And speaking of next year’s hatch, the desert is looking spectacular over most of the state – lots of green spouts and lots of new growth. Bodes well for the desert quail hatch! Mearns’ Quail: Also plenty ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – End of January 2015

Gambel's, Mearns' and shotgun

Some good rains have hit most desert areas in November, December, and so far in January. In turn, the desert is green and looking good for a Gambel’s quail hatch next season. A few soaking rain showers in February and March would be beneficial to continue providing moisture for the desert floor. Gambel’s quail hunting continues to be very spotty ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – January 2015

Reports are as follows: – Gambel’s Quail: Poor – Scaled Quail: Below average – Mearns’ Quail: About average Mearns’ quail are taking quite a beating this season. Here’s an idea to try out to leave some birds for other hunters and increase carryover: Cut your personal limit in half, try 4 birds per day instead of 8. With good summer ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – December 2014

As far as Gambel’s and scaled quail, not too much change from the last update. Will take a lot of work to scratch out a few Gambel’s quail this year. In some areas the scaled quail hunting is fairly good. Mearns’ quail is about as predicted which was above average. Something to consider regarding Mearns’ — there will be a ... Read More »

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