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What’s Happening Now

What’s Happening Now – December 2016

All of the reports coming into AQT indicate a better hatch than was predicted. Also, looks like the hatch was fairly early this season. Years ago, the country around Willcox, AZ was one of the better areas in the state to hunt quail. It has now been well over 15 years since that country has looked good or favorable for ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – November 2016

In Arizona, there is always optimism when it comes to quail hunting. Most years, at least in some parts of the state, quail hunting is satisfactory. Even though Gambel’s and scaled quail did not have an optimal hatch, it’s looking like another good year for Mearns’ quail. As usual, in years with a below-average hatch, there are always pockets of ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – September 2016

With the 2016-2017 quail season opening the end of September, we wanted to compare the high temperatures from the last 20 years for around this same time of year. The data comes from the Farmer’s Almanac and was recorded at the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. The overall conclusion from these temperatures is that it’s still way too hot for ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – August 2016

Summer rains got off to a good start. A few weeks in, there was a dry period which was somewhat unusual. The rains picked up again around the third week of July with most of the southeast part of the state looking good as far as rainfall. With how things are looking right now, Mearns’ quail hunting could turn out ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – July 2016

As we roll into the month of July, it’s looking like the summer rain might get a little head start…a few blips of rain took place around mid-June in the Safford area. Once the summer rains begin, the desert can be a remarkable place for some pre-season scouting. During that time, don’t forget to bring a shotgun or a 22 ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – June 2016

Regarding recent precipitation, the best rain during the month of May was in the Safford area, occurring in mid-May. The first week of June brought some very hot temperatures to upland bird country: Click Here to See Current Temperatures With June being the slow time of year for bird hunting, check out our Videos page for some great bird hunting ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – May 2016

A lot going on right now in the world of Arizona quail. Gambel’s are all paired up and raising young ones. First hatches seem to be starting around the beginning of April. Now it’s just a game of wait and see as far as the number of young that survive and continue on. The past month has been very interesting ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – April 2016

Typically, February and March in Arizona quail country bring some good rains but for the most part in 2016, these months have been dry. This is not all bad since the early winter season delivered some heavy moisture which has helped the desert stay in good shape through a dry February and March. So far, a good number of quail ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – March 2016

End of February beginning of March, Gambel’s quail beginning to pair. Quail country is still in good shape although no real precipitation to speak of in February other than one storm early in the month, scattering some moisture around parts of the state. Long range weather forecast is calling for a storm or two in March. Will wait and see, ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – February 2016

As the 2015-2016 quail season winds down, the Arizona desert is as green as can be. The winter months brought some strong moisture with a big storm rolling in early January and another good storm beginning of February. All is very favorable for a great desert quail hatch next year. The 2015-2016 Mearns’ quail season again turned out to be ... Read More »

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