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What’s Happening Now

What’s Happening Now – December 2010

It’s December, and the 2010 season has been open two months. Things do look a bit different than at the beginning of the season. The number one assessment would be that, so far, other than for the first month, this season looks a lot like it did last year. The first month of this season did have more birds around ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – November 2010

At this point, it looks like all of those hopes of a good hatch have been realized over almost all of the Gambel’s quail country except for the eastern and southeastern part of Arizona. Region 3 has a good number of young birds. Good starting areas for this Region would be Unit 16A and Unit 18B. Region 4 also contains ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – October 2010

Gambel’s and Scaled The southeast corner of the state is still not looking good. Though the rainfall was sufficient, the lack of rain in previous years contributed to not enough carry-over birds to make for a good season. The central part of the state looks to be above average and better than last season. Have been talking with various hunters ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – Summer 2010

The winter rains have brought a great green-up in the desert this Spring. This fact, along with the number of carryover birds (primarily Gambel’s) makes this season coming up one you won’t want to miss — it should be above average. There’s not much more to report about that — just looking forward to the type of bird season Arizona ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – March 2010

Anyone who hunted the last few days of the quail season would have found themselves with boots stained green – a good indication from years past that a pretty good hatch is ahead. It’s a green desert right now and in most areas there were good numbers of carryover quail. If Arizona gets another couple rains in the month of ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – January 2010

Here we are – ten days from the end of the 2009-2010 Arizona quail season. Mearns’ quail continues to be fairly slow as well as Gambel’s. Again, the central part of the State has had good, full-sized coveys with plenty of young, but a hunter can walk a long ways between coveys! The third week of January did bring a ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – December 2009 #2

Here’s what’s going on, what I’ve seen, and what I hear from reports – of what’s going on right now around Christmastime, 2009. Mearns’ quail – some areas of the state have had a hatch. They are, however, very few and far between. Several full sized coveys a day can be found in those areas. On the other hand, most ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – December 2009 #1

Scaled Quail: There has been a very poor hatch in the southeast corner of Arizona, the primary area for scaled quail. Gambel’s Quail: This is probably the brightest outlook for Arizona regarding winter rainfall, and though the season has only been open since mid-October, it looks like the country around Safford could afford some ok hunting. I wouldn’t call it ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – November 2009

Quail hunters: Washes, walking and water are key this season 2009-10 season offers less crowds, exploration and mixed bag Nov. 6, 2009 – Arizona Game and Fish Department PHOENIX — Quail check station results from the season opener weekend (Oct. 3-4) vary and suggest populations are below-average in central regions to well-below-average in southern regions of the state reported Arizona ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – October 2009

2009-10 Quail Hunting Outlook Poor – Fair Scaled quail = Fair to Average: “Last year was fair and the timing and amount of seaonal rains fell short of average and will have this year looking much the same for this bird found in the southeastern reaches of our state.” Mearns’ quail = Below-average to Average: “After two back-to-back season, due ... Read More »

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