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Sportsmanship & Ethics

Where To Hunt Quail

As outdoorsmen most of us know there are certain unwritten rules that apply to sportsmanship and ethics. One of those is being invited to hunt with a friend in “their” place to hunt. It is understood that we do not go back to that spot, and, even worse, bring other people with us to that spot, or, with today’s technology, ... Read More »

Quail Legs

Saw a place a while back where someone had cleaned their quail and was surprised to see that all the legs were left behind. I’m talking about the meat part of the leg, in other words the edible part. The legs of quail are very good to eat! The ethical line begins to blur a bit when quail leg meat ... Read More »

When Nature Calls

A gripe regarding litter is toilet paper. Most people have little to no desire to carry a shovel of any kind while upland bird hunting. Fact is, TP is still litter. Please, please, and please, as a courtesy to other hunters and their dogs, kindly manage your used toilet paper situation. Generally speaking, there are enough rocks nearby to cover ... Read More »

Mearns’ Quail Hunting Pressure

A lot of talk this year regarding Mearns’ quail and hunting pressure on these birds. Something to consider is this, take one bird on the covey rise and then move on. Before starting out for the day, set your own limit. Maybe limit yourself to 5 or 6 birds other than the 8 bird limit. By shooting only one bird ... Read More »

Tip: Empty shells

Empties are 100% considered to be littering!! – please pick them up. Read More »

Multiple Hunting Groups in One Area

I know a couple bird hunters who were hunting in the eastern part of the state and found an area with abundant numbers of quail – large coveys, good cover. While they were hunting, a huge group moved into that general area and set up camp – enough hunters, bird dogs, trailers, and campers so that it looked like a ... Read More »

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