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Remarkable Quail Behavior

Setting Tight

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, quail will set in prickly pear and allow dogs and hunters to move within a few feet without flushing. Many times a dog will never smell them. I believe there is some sort of masking of scent that takes place in prickly pear. Numerous times we have had quail scattered in an area covered ... Read More »

When we think they run…maybe they don’t

Back in the 1990s, there was this huge snowstorm that covered the southeast part of the state, dumping so much snow that the interstate between Tucson and Lordsburg, New Mexico was shut down. But by the next day, we got out and hunted as much of the snow had melted though the ground was still completely snow covered. We flushed ... Read More »

Escape Patterns

The day started in the foothills of a southeast Arizona mountain range. As we moved up from the flat into the foothills, we pushed a huge, 100+ bird covey up onto a bluffy mountain outcrop. Singles were scattered all over this mountain. It was one of those days when you could stay on single birds and shoot for hours. I ... Read More »

Seeing only a few quail flush?

Are you seeing just a very few quail flush? That may not be an accurate indication of the covey size. Here’s what I mean: There was a covey of about 40 birds I had been keeping an eye on. I had not hunted them, but most every time I was in that area, would see the covey, and at times, ... Read More »

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