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Arizona Mearns’ Quail by Shallow Water Expeditions

Mearns’ Quail Hunt, various video footage shot during the hunt. Posted via Vimeo by Shallow Water Expeditions. Read More »

Sounds A Quail Makes – Texas Wildlife Association

Award-winning Quail caller Dr. Dale Rollins whistles to demonstrate the many different sounds a bobwhite quail makes. Posted by TexWildlifeAssoc. Originally posted on July 13, 2014. Read More »

Mearns’ Quail in Arizona Video

AZQuailToday.com brings you video of Mearns’ Quail in Arizona provided by Dan Priest to support Arizona Outdoor Adventures (www.azoutdooradventures.org). Read More »

The KT Diaries – Arizona Means Quail Video

This is the greatest and most well-done video on Mearns’ quail I’ve ever seen; put together by KT Diaries. Sit back and enjoy. Read More »

Tradition Lives On

Video description from publisher: “Every October, for thirty some-odd years, the Lytle brothers have been heading to northern Michigan in their fathers memory for a group hunting trip. This video was made to promote the 2012 trip and the continuation of the tradition.” From Adam Lytle via Vimeo. Read More »

Hunting Gambel’s Quail Video

Video description from publisher: “Jenny has four 4 week-old pups! See “Brittany Puppies” by wildmandl. Lots of action on this late season Feb 2012 hunt in Arizona. Rick Hays and Steve Lavdas shoot over Dave’s Brittany and Steve’s German Shorthaired Pointer. Dave shot there days earlier and found the birds were holding, so this time he went “camera only” to ... Read More »

Mearns’ Quail Surprise Video

Video description from publisher: “http://www.classicbirdhunts.com – Mearns quail covey flush pointed by Bella the Brittany of Classic Bird Hunts.” From Mark Nissen via YouTube. Read More »

Scaled Quail Video Montage

Video description from publisher: “Scaled Quail are gamebirds of SW Kansas.” From Kansas Department of Wildlife via YouTube. Read More »

Scaled Quail Photo Montage

Video description from publisher: “A view from scaled quail country collected over several glorious years!!” From Shawn Wayment via YouTube. Read More »

Scaled Quail Calling on a Post Video

Video description from publisher: “This Scaled Quail was calling from a post near the trail head at Embudito Canyon in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains on the eastern edge of Albuquerque, NM. Would have been nice if the bird was facing more toward the sun, but one cannot have everything. Recorded using Canon EOS 7D with 300mm f/lens plus ... Read More »

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