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From Others

Real Angry Birds: Sharp-tailed Grouse Battle

Yes…AQT is primarily about Arizona quail. As upland bird hunters though, we can all appreciate something different occasionally. This video was just too good to pass up. Uploaded via YouTube by LabofOrnithology Sharp-tailed Grouse square off in intense battles for territory and breeding rights. These grouse form leks, mating arenas where males meet to compete for territory and attract females. ... Read More »

Scaled Quail by TAMU Wildlife

Interesting video regarding Scaled quail. Could this possibly take place in Arizona? Dr. Dale Rollins talks about how the RPQRR is bringing back scaled quail. Originally published via YouTube by TAMU Wildlife= and Fisheries Extension. Read More »

Ferrell Miller Interview With Bird Dogs Afield

A couple of very interesting comments regarding this video via Upland Journal online…I know not all will agree but there are a few very good common sense comments: Topic: Interview of Ferrell Miller Video description: The King, Mr. Ferrell Miller is interviewed by Bird Dogs Afield TV. Mr. Ferrell answers questions, guides the camera through the house to the trophy ... Read More »

A Limit of Mearns’

Josh Jones takes a limit of Mearns’ quail hunting with his dog, Ellie, along with Dave Lukens and his dog Charlie. This is Charlie’s first video appearance, following in Jack’s footsteps. (Ellie is out of Charlie and Dave’s Jenny. Jenny was down for the season due to ankle surgery. Moose is Ellie’s litter mate and unfortunately was out for this ... Read More »

Bird Dogs Forever Gambels and Scaled Quail

Published via YouTube by Don Lee This is episode 12 of the Outdoor Life program, “Bird Dogs Forever”. It was filmed the day after our Mearns’ episode on Private land near Sierra Vista. It features my good friend, Jim Schultz and his fine dogs. Read More »

Short Grass and Hole Quail

It’s not Gambel’s quail and it’s not in Arizona, although it’s a pretty interesting video showing a slow motion covey rise of bobwhite quail. Published via YouTube by setternutbirdhunting One of the more unusual coveys and “retrieves” you will see. This was on a New Years day hunt with Mark Bigler and Mark Jordan. Indy has the covey find and ... Read More »

Quail Hunting Arizona Gambel’s Quail Video

Published via YouTube by UT MountainLife on Feb 7, 2015 Arizona Quail hunting with a german shorthaired pointer named Frank and one of my closest buddies, Chad Dahlgren. Read More »

Mearns’ Quail Instinct Video

Notice how all the birds fly and the instinct of the Mearns’ when danger comes is to set. Read More »

50 Year Hunt Video

Written by dgfavor via Upland Journal “Gawwwd, how does it happen…I turned 50 – 50! – last week. Of course my wife had grand plans of social celebration but I dashed them with the simple request that I honestly, sincerely, just wanted to go back to the land of my hunting youth, to see if my aging body could still ... Read More »

Arizona Mearns’ Quail by Shallow Water Expeditions

Mearns’ Quail Hunt, various video footage shot during the hunt. Posted via Vimeo by Shallow Water Expeditions. Read More »

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