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Hunting By The Numbers Infographic

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Tip: Get on ’em!

Here’s a helpful Scaled quail tip that applies to Gambel’s quail as well: When you see quail, get out and get on them or they’ll get away. Don’t wait around any or drive a little further, just get after ‘em! A related tip from Pointing Dog Journal: “Initially I took my time getting out of the truck getting my gear ... Read More »

Eastern Encounters by Pointing Dog Journal

Here’s an interesting bit from Pointing Dog Journal, Eastern Encounters: The most important training tool is duct tape. Tear off a piece the size of your mouth, then use your imagination. People who holler at their dogs or constantly blow whistles have forgotten that dogs have ears also and can actually hear better than their owners. All the extra noise ... Read More »

Central Arizona Quail Forecast

Central Arizona unit-by-unit, species-by-species small game forecast By Randy Babb, AZ Game & Fish Information & Education Program Manager Some of the most popular locations for hunting for small game are located in Region 6. Here is a detailed unit-by-unit, by species forecast along with some basic tips on how to approach hunting them. Last winter’s rains ended early over ... Read More »

Small Game Hunting Tips: Quail

By Randy Babb, AZ Game & Fish Information & Education Program Manager QUAIL: Gambel’s quail are reliant primarily on winter rains for their production, while mearns (also known as Montezuma) quail, and to a lesser degree scaled quail, key their nesting to summer rain amounts. This year’s poor winter and summer rains will make for largely poor quail hunting in ... Read More »

Southwest Quail Hunting Tips

Take some time to read through these tips. A lot can be learned from Dr. Mike Altman, long time quail hunter and dog handler. — Submitted by Dr. Mike Altman TACTICS (MISTAKES I HAVE MADE – REPEATEDLY) ALL SPECIES *Site fidelity is a cornerstone of all quail hunting (especially Mearns’). *ALWAYS STAY ALERT IN THE FIELD. Always carry more shells ... Read More »

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