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Tip: Unpredictable Mearns’ Quail and Where to Find

The most unpredictable of the three predominately hunted quail species in Arizona is the Mearns’ quail. Unlike Gambel’s and scaled quail, Mearns’ travel to and can be found throughout diverse landscapes varying in elevations, each marked with their own unique habitats. Many people tag the ideal Mearns’ habitat as rolling oak grasslands in the foothills which in reality, is not ... Read More »

Tip: Finding Your Hunting Spot

Every year there are gripes and complaints about too many hunters and not enough birds. That does not have to happen in a state like Arizona. There are many areas of the state that never see a bird hunter. Crack open a map and look for areas that you’ve never thought or heard of and set aside a few days ... Read More »

Tip: Local Resource Guide

When hunting in unfamiliar areas, consider stopping by the local Chamber of Commerce to pick up a physical copy of the Yellow Pages. Even in the age of digital information and cellular networks, the Yellow Pages still contains lots of valuable and helpful information especially in areas outside of cellular data range or if the nearest cell tower is damaged. ... Read More »

Tip: Better Shooting

Here’s a good tip for better shooting: Pay attention. Concentrate on the bird. Concentrate to the point where you are seeing the color. Determine male or female. Most birds are missed because of lack of concentration. Read More »

How To Be a Better Bird Hunter

Becoming a better bird hunter. Awareness is key. Awareness of: Scouting – Think Like a quail: Where do I find good cover? Where do I find good food? How do I stay away from predators? The location of other people Where the birds fly The location of your dog(s) Gun safety Your current physical condition (Stay in shape) Where the ... Read More »

Tip: Get on ’em!

Here’s a helpful Scaled quail tip that applies to Gambel’s quail as well: When you see quail, get out and get on them or they’ll get away. Don’t wait around any or drive a little further, just get after ‘em! A related tip from Pointing Dog Journal: “Initially I took my time getting out of the truck getting my gear ... Read More »

Quail Legs

Saw a place a while back where someone had cleaned their quail and was surprised to see that all the legs were left behind. I’m talking about the meat part of the leg, in other words the edible part. The legs of quail are very good to eat! The ethical line begins to blur a bit when quail leg meat ... Read More »

Tip: Yellow Lens Glasses

You won’t need a pair on a bright, sunny day in a grassy area, but you’ll be glad you kept a pair in one of your extra vest pockets when a day is cloudy or you are hunting in areas with a dark background. With the gray color of the birds’ back feathers, it can be very difficult to clearly ... Read More »

Tip: Two-way Radios

Something that I have found very useful when hunting with two or more people are two-way radios. One of the biggest advantages is safety – being able to stay in touch, especially when hunters get scattered. Sometimes someone can move in behind another hunter – with a radio, you can let others know you’re there. They can also be an ... Read More »

Tip: Wounded Quail

Every season many quail are lost because a hunter fails to follow-up. A few important things to remember regarding wounded quail: When hunting without a dog and a bird is knocked down, keep your eye right on that spot and do not immediately move towards it. Study where it went down and look for a dead piece of cactus, a ... Read More »

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