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Quail Hunting Tips

Tip: Noise level on the hunt

Truck doors slamming, uncontrolled dogs, and yelling at uncontrolled dogs – noise can and does spook any quail that may be nearby. This is especially true in areas that have been heavily hunted. So the tip is: stay quiet – around the vehicles as well as out in the field. Read More »

Tip: Quail calls

Gambel’s quail are very vocal making it possible to locate coveys or individual birds with a call. Once a covey has scattered and if they cannot be located, wait 10 or 15 minutes and then use a call. A quail call is an important part of your equipment when hunting Gambel’s quail. Read More »

Tip: When the covey flushes

Where did they go? – You’re hunting Gambel’s quail in hill country, a covey flushes, and you watch them light. You hike on over with plans to begin shooting and they’re not where you clearly saw them light. Typically, one or two may take cover and set, but the majority of a Gambel’s covey will light and then run, splitting ... Read More »

Southwest Quail Hunting Tips

Take some time to read through these tips. A lot can be learned from Dr. Mike Altman, long time quail hunter and dog handler. — Submitted by Dr. Mike Altman TACTICS (MISTAKES I HAVE MADE – REPEATEDLY) ALL SPECIES *Site fidelity is a cornerstone of all quail hunting (especially Mearns’). *ALWAYS STAY ALERT IN THE FIELD. Always carry more shells ... Read More »

Tip: Follow the bird

Gambel’s quail are tough. They can be hit hard and still run. Here’s a practice that can really make a difference in limiting the number of lost or crippled quail. Typically, a hunter will shoot a bird and automatically his gun will come down to watch where the bird drops. Try following the bird down with your gun up and ... Read More »

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