Quail Hunting Tips

Tip: Unpredictable Mearns’ Quail and Where to Find

Tip: Unpredictable Mearns’ Quail and Where to Find

The most unpredictable of the three predominately hunted quail species in Arizona is the Mearns’ quail. Unlike Gambel’s and scaled quail, Mearns’ travel to and can be found throughout diverse landscapes varying in elevations, each marked with their own unique habitats. Many people tag the ideal Mearns’ habitat as rolling oak grasslands in the foothills […]

Eastern Encounters by Pointing Dog Journal

Here’s an interesting bit from Pointing Dog Journal, Eastern Encounters: The most important training tool is duct tape. Tear off a piece the size of your mouth, then use your imagination. People who holler at their dogs or constantly blow whistles have forgotten that dogs have ears also and can actually hear better than their […]