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Dogs in the Desert

Dog Attacked and Killed by Wild Animal in Mesa AZ

A large dog was attacked and killed in Mesa, Arizona according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The lion scaled a homeowner’s wall and killed a large Dalmatian. Game and Fish could not confirm it was a mountain lion because they could not find any prints but because of the way the dog was consumed, they were able to ... Read More »

Abandoned Mines Caution

During the months of December and January, many non-resident hunters begin to show up in southeast Arizona. Here’s something to be very aware of for yourself and your bird dog: In the southwest United States, there are many abandoned mine shafts throughout the open country…especially in Arizona. Some of these mines are vertical, meaning they go straight down and are ... Read More »

Safety Dog Kits for the Big Hunt

1. Bring a record of your dog’s vaccinations and recent health checks. 2. Always carry the phone number of one of the animal poison control centers. 3. Use a temporary ID tag, put your cell phone and/or camp/lodge number on it. 4. Research the location and phone number of emergency vets in the area you’re traveling/hunting. Credit to UglyDogHunting.com Read More »

7 Ways To Bond With Your Bird Dog

1. When he flops on the ground to roll in something stinky, remember that he’s the reason you hunt, shoot, laugh, and love it all. Then go belly up and join him in the weeds. 2. Give him half your ribeye steak. 3. Tell him it’s not your fault you can’t hunt 24/7 365 days a year. 4. Tell him ... Read More »

Eastern Encounters by Pointing Dog Journal

Here’s an interesting bit from Pointing Dog Journal, Eastern Encounters: The most important training tool is duct tape. Tear off a piece the size of your mouth, then use your imagination. People who holler at their dogs or constantly blow whistles have forgotten that dogs have ears also and can actually hear better than their owners. All the extra noise ... Read More »

Snake Bite Avoidance & Prevention

Posted by Bob Corley of Arizona Quail Hunting Camp – – – Snake Bite Avoidance & Prevention Each year I have multiple inquiries asking for explanations or more information on rattlesnakes. Here are some of the questions with my take on it after 56 years of hunting our desert habitats: When are snakes a problem in Arizona? Rattlesnakes come out ... Read More »

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