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Mearns’ Quail South of Tucson

Written by Gary Lewis Published by www.garylewisoutdoors.com © Mearns’ Quail South of Tucson South of Tucson, harsh mountains rise steep out of the arid desert plane. The Huachucas, Santa Ritas, Sierritas and other high desert ranges of the Coronado National Forest are home to Mearns’ quail, a long-toed scratcher of the tall grass, scrub oak and cactus uplands. Once thought ... Read More »

Arizona’s Best Quail Hunts

Written by gameandfishmag.com Published by www.gameandfishmag.com © Arizona’s Best Quail Hunts Put yourself on the right ground to bag Gambel’s, scaled and Mearns’ quail right now! (December 2009) You’ll find Gambel’s and scaled quail mixed together in many areas of the Grand Canyon State in places like Unit 30A near the San Bernardino Valley, Pat Hills, Elfrida, Kansas Settlement, McNeal ... Read More »

To Hunt or Not Hunt Quail on the Mexican Border?

Written by Chad Love Published by www.fieldandstream.com © To Hunt or Not Hunt Quail on the Mexican Border? The desert quail of the American southwest are one of those special “bucket list” destinations that virtually all upland bird hunters hope to make at least once in their lifetime. The rugged and breathtaking scenery in the vast tracts of public land ... Read More »

Mearns’ Quail and the Arizona Grand Slam

Written by www.birdhuntingintexas.com Published by www.birdhuntingintexas.com © Mearns’ Quail and the Arizona Grand Slam About a year ago, I read an article in The Bird Hunting Report about hunting Mearns’ Quail in Arizona with Steve Hopkins from Arizona Quail Guides. I got in touch with Steve via email and scheduled a trip in December, 2010. The article praised Steve highly ... Read More »

Arizona Boys Hunt California Valley Quail

Written by Jim Niemiec/WON Staff Writer Published by www.wonews.com © November 22, 2011, www.wonews.com.com. SHOT LIMITS OF CALIFORNIA VALLEY QUAIL — Kirby Bristow and Brett Browning of Tucson, Arizona hunted valley quail for the first time ever and both shooters walked out of Short Canyon, located above Inyokern, with limits of quail. Photo by Jim Niemiec INYOKERN — When it ... Read More »

San Carlos, AZ Quail Hunt

User submitted at www.allcoast.com © October 5th, 2011, www.allcoast.com So I get a phone call from one of my friends asking me if I would like to go hunt San Carlos. I have never been there but heard stories about how great the quail hunting is. I had less than a day notice to take 3 days off of work ... Read More »

The Call of Quail Season

Written by Max Foster Published by www.paysonroundup.com © October 4th, 2011, www.paysonroundup.com. If birds are your game of choice, you probably were in the field Sept. 30 for the opening day of quail season. While Game and Fish biologists are not predicting a banner year, there are always diehard Rim Country hunters who will be scouring the lowlands around Tonto ... Read More »

Arizona Quail Hunting 101

Written by Kirby Bristow Published by Arizona Game and Fish Department, Arizona Wildlife News, pgs. 14-17 © November-December 2008, Outdoor Tips, Hunting for Quail. The year I turned 15, I trained my first bird dog, a German shorthaired pointer named Dudley. After record-breaking precipitation the previous winter, desert plants flourished, yielding a bumper crop of Gambel’s quail. Every day after ... Read More »

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