Arizona’s Best Quail Hunts

Arizona’s Best Quail Hunts

Written by Published by © Arizona’s Best Quail Hunts Put yourself on the right ground to bag Gambel’s, scaled and Mearns’ quail right now! (December 2009) You’ll find Gambel’s and scaled quail mixed together in many areas of the Grand Canyon State in places like Unit 30A near the San Bernardino Valley, Pat […]

The Call of Quail Season

Written by Max Foster Published by © October 4th, 2011, If birds are your game of choice, you probably were in the field Sept. 30 for the opening day of quail season. While Game and Fish biologists are not predicting a banner year, there are always diehard Rim Country hunters who will be […]

Arizona Quail Hunting 101

Written by Kirby Bristow Published by Arizona Game and Fish Department, Arizona Wildlife News, pgs. 14-17 © November-December 2008, Outdoor Tips, Hunting for Quail. The year I turned 15, I trained my first bird dog, a German shorthaired pointer named Dudley. After record-breaking precipitation the previous winter, desert plants flourished, yielding a bumper crop of […]