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Jalapeno Popper Grilled Quail Video Recipe

Originally published via YouTube by Cowboy Kent Rollins It’s quail season in our parts and we’re going to show you an easy recipe- Jalapeno Popper Quail. We’ve got a trick to keep these little birds moist out because quail has a tendency to dry out when cooked. So get the fire and the grill hot and let’s cook some bird! ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – March 2017

Green…that’s the word for Arizona quail country this month. As of right now, the entire state is set up for a good Gambel’s quail hatch. More good news regarding Arizona quail, the Southern Arizona Quail Forever Chapter and the Valley of the Sun Quail Forever Chapter both held their fundraising dinners in February and each was a great success. A ... Read More »

Quail Hunting New Mexico Video

Published via YouTube on Jan 26, 2017 by Dylan Baca Quail hunting behind pointing dogs is like nothing else. Just walking behind these dogs and watching them work is a pleasure in itself. Four different species of quail can be found in New Mexico, but you will only see three in this video: the scaled quail, gamble’s quail, and the ... Read More »

KTAR Radio Get Outdoors Podcast

February 18, 2017 – Hour: 1 | Runtime: 40:34 The Legendary Dan Priest joins us live in studio to talk quail hunting, bird packs, bird dogs, and one of the best opportunities for kids and the outdoors. Click Here to listen to Hour 2 | Runtime: 39:49 Read More »

Tip: Unpredictable Mearns’ Quail and Where to Find

The most unpredictable of the three predominately hunted quail species in Arizona is the Mearns’ quail. Unlike Gambel’s and scaled quail, Mearns’ travel to and can be found throughout diverse landscapes varying in elevations, each marked with their own unique habitats. Many people tag the ideal Mearns’ habitat as rolling oak grasslands in the foothills which in reality, is not ... Read More »

The Hunting Dog Podcast with Dan Priest

The Hunting Dog Podcast – thehuntingdogpodcasa.com Q5 Outdoor Products, with Dan Priest November 21, 2016 Dan Priest owner of Q5 vests, spends some time talking about his passion for perfection in producing the best hunting vest you have ever imagined. And some great info on quail hunting in Arizona. Along with his involvement with introducing youngsters to the outdoors thru ... Read More »

The Hunters Harvest Podcast with Dan Priest

The Hunters Harvest Podcast – thehuntersharvest.com Arizona Outdoor Adventures, with Dan Priest by Kirk Hortel on June 5, 2015 Today we talk with Dan Priest of Arizona Outdoor Adventures. AOA provides tent camps for youth and disabled individuals which are situated in the breathtaking back country of Arizona’s White Mountains. All camping equipment, food and necessary licenses are supplied at ... Read More »

What’s Happening Now – February 2017

Rain…that is the word for all around Arizona quail country and is exactly what’s needed for Gambel’s and scaled quail. Hunting success continues to be okay for Gambel’s and scaled quail though success with Mearns’ quail has dropped off considerably. Many bird hunters have already given up for the season on Mearns’ quail. The minimal success with Mearns’ does not ... Read More »

Arizona Mearns’ Quail by Dave Brown

Published on Oct 19, 2016 via YouTube Mearns Quail Hunting in S.E. Arizona – Turn it up Read More »

What’s Happening Now – January 2017

Very spotty…that’s the word for the quail season so far. Whether it’s the northwest part of the state or the far southeast, the bird hunting is spotty. The great thing about that is it creates a lot of really good “honey holes” out there if a person is willing to put in the extra work to find them. Certain parts ... Read More »

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