What’s Happening Now – January 2013

What’s Happening Now – January 2013

Much has been said over the last couple years about Arizona’s bird population being ‘spotty’, and at this time, that same description characterizes Mearns’ quail – if you find yourself in one of those better areas, it wouldn’t be unusual to find several coveys. Mearns’ covey numbers are still considered to be below average, but do seem to be increasing over the last two years. But there sure is still lots of good Mearns’ quail country with very few birds.

Gambel’s and Scaled
Though the large winter covey numbers (60 – 70 per covey) haven’t materialized, the covey sizes right now seem to be holding up at 2 – 3 dozen birds per covey. There is a good number of Scaled juvenile birds indicating a pretty decent hatch. As mentioned in a previous update, the country in Region III did have a hatch and there are some good numbers of quail. As always, if a person is willing to take a few days to scout some of the better areas and work hard, whether it be Mearns’, Gambel’s or Scaled quail, you can still find good numbers of birds.

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